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Friends and favorite drinks

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. may have stopped airing years ago—oof!—but that doesn’t mean Monica, Joey, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, and Phoebe aren’t still our pals. After all, we catch up with them every few days—in reruns, on Netflix, and sometimes *hush, hush* through downloads! (And they probably get all their energy to do so from the ginormous amounts of coffee they’ve consumed at Central Perk.)

Now, as coffee addicts, we’ve always wondered about the friends’ personal tastes in the beverage. So, after extensive research on coffee preferences and personality traits, hours of re-watching all ten seasons, and days spent guzzling gallons of coffee; we’ve compiled a guide to drinks the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (probably) loved the most. Scroll down to find out who your preferences match with!

  1. Frappuccino: Rachel Green


What It Is: A typical frappuccino consists of chilled coffee, blended with various other ingredients; it is usually topped with whipped cream or caramel.

Frappuccino drinkers are known for being adventurous and courageous; they are the ultimate trendsetters, and this perfectly goes with Rachel’s uber-chic fashion sense. Plus, they are the ones who end up making really bad romantic choices – we all remember Paolo (the hunky Italian weirdo), Barry (the cheating dentist), Russ (the Ross clone), and Josh (the college guy who stole her wallet.)

More Proof: The word frappucino comes from the French word ‘frappé’, and the glamorous Rachel sure loved all things parisian. (!)

  1. Americano: Monica Geller


What It Is: An Americano is made with a single or double-shot of espresso brewed with scalding hot water.

Americano drinkers are usually obsessive and controlling, much like Monica undoubtedly was. But, they are also creative, honest, and supremely motivated. They make excellent friends, though sometimes they end up freaking out their companions with explosive personalities. Remind you of anyone?

  1. Double Espresso Macchiato: Chandler Bing


What It Is: This is a double espresso with foam on top and flavoured with one’s choice of hazelnut or caramel or what have you. It’s a sugary, decadent drink that is delicious – and full of confusion. (Just like Chandler.)

A macchiato is one of those drinks that very few people are into. Because those who like espresso just want espresso, and people who want something a little lighter usually just go for a cappuccino. Then there’s the macchiato drinkers who are cheerful, yet pessimistic and very laidback – they tend to make a lot of jokes, often at their friends’ expense.

This brew encompasses Chandler’s job confusion, crazed dating life before Monica, and weird after-effects thanks to crazy parents completely.


  1. Soymilk Latte: Phoebe Buffay


What It Is: A soymilk latte is a coffee drink made with espresso and steamed soy milk.

Latte lovers are tough to figure out, but we do know that they are quirky, straightforward, and confident. These coffee drinkers are completely at ease with themselves, and hardly require external approval to be their wild selves; totally Phoebe-like!

Plus, as a vegan, Phoebe definitely couldn’t bear to use cows’ milk in her coffee – it went completely against her ideals.

  1. Espresso: Ross Geller


What It Is: Espresso is thick coffee brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans.

Espresso drinkers are intelligent, hardworking, but moody. They like to please people, and are extremely indecisive while making decisions. Ross was the typical espresso lover; his confusion and internal conflict he faced before and while making many, many neurotic attempts to woo Rachel aptly showed us how.


  1. Iced-Coffee Sundae: Joey Tribbiani


What It Is: This drink is made by blending strong coffee and milk with scoops of ice cream until it is the consistency of a smoothie.

Iced-coffee sundaes are preferred by those who still have a childlike aspect to their personality. Lovers of this super-sweet version of coffee are easy-going, positive, and flirtatious; the description reminds us of Joey on every count.

The beverage (though a delicious treat for the summers) is also overloaded with calories, and it is no doubt that only the Joeys of the world could have them regularly. Why? Well, Joey’s love for food was unbeatable – and the fattier food he ate, the better looking he got. (How?)

Well, so now you know all about the favourites of your favourites. Its time to try out all those different options in true F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fashion; go ahead, give it a (coffee) shot.

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