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A mini dictionary For all your coffee confusion

Coffee is perhaps the first thing most millennial think of when they wake up. Your eyes may not even be fully open when you start mumbling for a shot of your espresso as you try to take yourself up from last night’s Game of Thrones binge.

It is also an integral part of your day. Be it a business meeting, a date, a chat with a friend, or the barfing after a night of heavy drinking- coffee is always in the picture, as everyone’s go-to. It also helps that there are so many ways to drink coffee- be it a shot of espresso or your favourite black, or a steaming mug of latte, or a Frappuccino. There’s something for everyone!

But it gets confusing sometimes, doesn’t it? Keeping up with all the names and terms of your coffee. Every percentage of coffee in a mug has a different name for itself, whether it is mixed with water or milk. So, to prevent you the embarrassment of trying to figure out if a frappe is a cup of hot or a glass of cold coffee the next time you’re browsing menus in a cafe, we have come up with our very own mini-dictionary to help you clear all your coffee confusions! Thank us later!

For starting reference, learn that espresso is pure coffee prepared by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans, hence it is like a thick sludge of coffee.


A mix of water and espresso, made so to ease the bitter taste of an actual espresso.



A coffee which has a giant scoop of ice-cream in your espresso.




Black eye:black-eye
This coffee is meant for your all-nighters. It’s brewed coffee with espresso on top- which means double the amount of coffee and triple the amount of wakefulness in one night.



A mix of milk and espresso, and the most common kind of coffee out there. Available both hot and cold, so just ask your barista.



Con Panna:con-panna
Some whipped cream in your espresso. Mmm…



Double Latte:double-latte
It’s double the trouble of a single latte, with two shots of espresso topped with frothing milk to wake you up in the morning.



Dry Cappuccino:dry-cappuccino2
This is for the froth lovers- plain coffee topped with frothing milk.




Imagine an espresso that is also like chocolate milk, but less sweet? An espressino is just that, with a shot of espresso coupled with milk and cocoa powder, for all the sugar haters out there.



Filter Coffee:filter-coffee
Filter coffee, or, as it is referred to in the south, kaapi, is coffee that has been filtered to a pure concoction, topped with milk and sweetened with some sugar, and is meant to be enjoyed with some delicious snacks in the rain.



Yes, frappe is what we call cold coffee in India. A shot of espresso topped with milk and ice, meant to beat the heat in summers and give you terrible colds in winters!



Irish Coffee:Irish-coffee
Irish coffee is unique, alcoholic, and simply delicious. It is so good that it has even been branded into an alcohol by Bailey’s. Regardless, the coffee itself is coffee, Irish whiskey, brown sugar and cream mixed into deliciousness.



Since we have already mentioned a double latte, we should probably tell you what a latte is about! Lattes are meant to tone down the bitterness of an espresso, so they mix espressos with milk and have a frothing top to complement it!


Finally, we have this coffee which is in fact a gift to all ye coffee and chocolate lovers, for it combines coffee with cream, milk and chocolate, giving you the best chocolate/coffee experience you could possibly imagine.

Welp, talking about so many coffees has made us thirsty, so we’ll be off to get shots of Irishes and mochas, what about you?

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