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How to make your life less complex and achieve easy living

6 aspects of your life that could really do with some simplicity

Between work, family, chores and a zillion other commitments, life is anything but simple. Trying to follow some random guidelines isn’t always as easy as it seems though, so we’ve mapped out how simplicity can ameliorate different aspects of your life. As you will see, the simplest solution is often right in front of our eyes- if we just take a minute to see it.



Stop glorifying the concept of busy! It may feel like being even remotely unstressed and free would be the kiss of death for your career, but it’s good to have a cut-off time, after which you use your time to relax.  If you’re juggling multiple things at a time and giving half-baked results for each, that’s multi-tasking underdone. To ensure you have the mind space to handle multiple things, you need to give your mind a rest sometimes. Catching up with friends, reading a book, going for a walk- just because it isn’t earning you money doesn’t mean it’s a waste of time!



Relationships are only as complicated as you want them to be. Leave the mind games to the sitcoms and just communicate! Be open, honest and upfront and you’ll notice how much smoother things are. Oh and while we’re on the topic-do everybody a favour and try and minimize relationship drama on social media.

Most importantly, however, don’t stress yourself out trying to stick to “the rules”. Your relationships are unique; why should you try to live up to someone else’s standards anyway? Who says you should wait 3 days to text? Or 4 months to move in? Do what comes naturally to you and don’t make such an effort to hide who you are.

Make up and Fashion


Minimalist make up is all the rage right now, and celebrities go all out to look like they’ve made no effort at all- so why shouldn’t you?

If it takes you an hour to get dressed in the morning, why not put your outfit together the previous night? Or maybe just pull a Mark Zuckerberg and wear some version of the same outfit every day? It’s no coincidence that some of the most successful people in the world choose to wear the same thing every day.

To make life easier, think about investing in a signature statement piece, or figure out a uniform which you can wear to work every day and build your wardrobe around things that can be mixed and matched, while still leaving room for a little creativity.

Architecture and Interior Design


Gone are the days where ornate carvings, heavy wooden furniture and gaudy furnishings ruled the roost. Today, more and more designers and architects prefer clean lines and simple interiors. Not only does this allow for some flexibility, but studies have shown that non-cluttered spaces also lead to clearer minds. It’s not about bold furniture or stark colours any more- even a single designer cushion or a well-positioned poster could form the perfect setting for an event like a coffee tasting or a Game of Thrones marathon with your best buds.





It’s tempting to buy every new gadget and download every new app that comes along because of how advanced and fascinating they are, but chances are, many of them overlap in function. Why not just find one that does it all?

For instance, your smartphone can let you work on the go, access the world’s music at your manicured finger tips and carry hundreds of books without the fear of damage on a rainy day. Also, rather than downloading one app for every pop culture or news website you follow, why not download an aggregator such as Flipboard or Feedly that creates a personalised newsfeed with everything in one place?

Our morning cup of joe


Why take a detour on your way to work every day just to reach a café and be served a cup of coffee that isn’t even what you asked for? (Honestly, it’s like every barista in the city has a personal vendetta against you, or skipped too many training sessions). Or worse, settle for filter coffee you have to pretend to like so your co-workers don’t think you’re a snob? Getting yourself a coffee brewer such as the Bonhomia Boho – one for home and one for work- could be exactly what you need. It delivers a steaming hot, perfect cup of coffee each time and comes in a range of flavours. Guaranteed to be every coffee lover’s delight, this brewer takes away all the hassle of making coffee, serving up a precisely measured cuppa at the touch of a button, just as you want it – whether it’s an espresso shot or a tall cup of black coffee.

The next time you’re making a decision of any sort, stop for a minute and think about whether there’s an easier way to do something…. And if there is, don’t be afraid to take it.


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