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Thoughts every coffee lover can relate to

4 thoughts every coffee lover has had at some point

Every coffee lover is unique, with his/her own likes and dislikes and idiosyncrasies… except when it comes to coffee. In that respect, we’re all hopelessly, relentlessly, ceaselessly- in love with our caffeine! No matter where we’re living or what we’re doing or who, we’re with, our love for coffee bonds us at our cores, and at some point, we’ve thought the same things.

  1. Where did this coffee come from?


As a coffee lover, if you don’t already know the origin of your liquid lifeline, you’ve definitely wondered who discovered it and where (and probably felt a little guilty you didn’t get to thank them yourself).

Though the fables know no end, the most popular story points to an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi. Legend has it that Kaldi noticed his goats were more hyperactive than usual after eating some red berries, rendering them into what would eventually be known as a “caffeine high.” Once Kaldi realized that the beans had a similar effect on him, he decided to inform the local monks about his discovery, and thereby found his place in the history of coffee.

  1. How can I be friends with someone who doesn’t like coffee?

Just when you thought you could be friends, you realise that they don’t like coffee, or worse, they like instant coffee, and you can’t help but re-evaluate your entire relationship. Even if they do like coffee, the type they like too can be a bone of contention. At some point, you’ve probably even wondered if there’s an app that can match you to potential dates, based on your coffee preferences. Now that, you would pay for.

  1. How many kinds of coffee beans are there?

There are mainly 3 types of coffee beans- Arabic, Robusta and Liberica.

The Coffea Arabica bush is grown all over the world- albeit at higher altitudes- and is the basis for almost 70% of all coffee beverages. Based on where it’s cultivated, its flavour differs; Ethiopian Arabica beans, for instance, are known for their smooth, easy flavour with a floral finish while Kenyan Arabica beans have a more bitter taste. Overall, however, Arabica has quite a sweet taste.


The Coffea Canephora bush gives us the Robusta bean. Though it’s a lot more acidic and bitter than Arabica, it forms the base for some of the world’s favourite expressos, such as Java and Kona. Robusta is grown on much flatter plantations and has a much higher caffeine content (2.7%) as compared to Arabica.

Coffee Liberica is a third type of coffee bean which was first discovered in Liberia, Africa. Only a small percentage of all coffee comes from this bean, which is a lot larger than the other two, but is similar to Robusta in taste. It’s not too popular though, because it’s too bitter for even the most die-hard coffee lovers to enjoy.

  1. Does my barista not like me?

Getting your name wrong is one thing, but what’s with always getting my coffee wrong? Sometimes it’s too bitter, sometimes it’s too milky, sometimes it’s cold, and well, sometimes, it’s too little. Taking heed of these pressing problems, the blessed souls at Bonhomia brought us the Boho- the coffee brewer meant for the coffee lover. It gives a hot, steaming cup of coffee in minutes, and offers a wide range of flavours. Whether you’re into dark, strong coffee that would knock other people right out, or a gentle, smooth latte, the Boho is the perfect fixture for your home, your car, your office- really anywhere you want coffee without having to wait or worry.


Life as a coffee lover is full of happy moments, full of joy and happiness, unless of course, there’s no coffee. So whether you know a coffee lover or are one yourself, do whatever you can to make sure you never run out.


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